Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a persistent but treatable inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a medication prescribed by a doctor to treat low testosterone levels in men.

HRT for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition and its frequency increases with age. Whilst for some men it may only occur occasionally.

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Our South Beach Youth Renewal and Sex Health Clinic has been providing care and treatment to our patients since 2015.

Our Center differs from other clinics by its individual approach to every patient and years of comprehensive experience.

Our Practice

We are majoring in treating sexual dysfunction using a vast choice of procedures like Trimix, shock wave therapy, or PDE5 inhibitors as well as curing hormonal imbalance based on thorough diagnostics to determine whether you’ve got HGH or testosterone deficiency and require a replacement therapy prescribed.

We also offer HRT for women, Sermorelin natural therapy, anti-aging peptide treatments for ED, sexual issues of a different kind both in men and women, multiple types of inflammatory processes, sleep disorders, excess weight, and more.

Get Rid of These Disorders

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Reduced Sex Drive

The main sex hormones are testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Their imbalance leads to a worse sex drive both in men and women.

Sexual Health Issues in Men

It’s estimated 1 in 10 men has a problem related to having sex, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Problem Getting Erection

We provide preventive measures and effective treatment both to help you avoid the ED or cure it if the problems already occur.

Difficulty Keeping Erection

Erectile dysfunction or disorder (ED) is the inability to develop and maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse or activity.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is when you have an orgasm before intercourse or less than a minute after you start.

Irritable Male Syndrome

An irritable male syndrome is characterized by irritability, depression, sleeplessness, and lack of concentration.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn what you need to know about the therapies we offer

    What is the most common form of sexual dysfunction in many men?
    Premature ejaculation that occurs when a male experiences orgasm early in the sexual encounter, even if there is little stimulation directly to the penis. About 20% to 30% of males may have premature ejaculation and it may cause significant emotional distress to the point of men trying to avoid sexual intimacy. While most men surveyed would like to prolong their time to ejaculation, the average length of time to maintain an erection before ejaculation is approximately 5 to 8 minutes
    What sexual difficulties in men and womencan be treated?
    Absent or low sexual desire Desire discrepancies in couples Painful intercourse or penetration Difficulties with erection or ejaculation Inability to have orgasm Problems associated with post-menopause, such as vaginal dryness Problems associated with an illness, accident or medical treatment Relationship counseling related to the sexual concern
    Is my appointment confidential?
    Yes, unless you have shared something that indicates you are at risk or someone else is. In this case the doctor would talk to you about their concerns and work with you to protect you or others.
    What is low testosterone treatment?
    Low testosterone treatment is the practice of diagnosing hypogonadism (low testosterone) through a combination of symptoms and testosterone blood values below the lower limit of normal and treating with testosterone injections, gels, patches, surgically implanted pellets, or oral applications. Low T Center uses injection therapy to treat low testosterone in hypogonadal men.
    Which is the most effective type of HGH therapy?
    All the HGH therapist are quite efficient and have worked for other people. However, it is important to note that what worked for another person might not necessarily work for you, more reason it is recommended first to consult your doctor who will advise on the most efficient type of HGH therapy for you.
    How Successful Are Medications Such as Viagra at Treating ED in Diabetics?
    Medications such as avanafil (Stendra) , sildenafil citrate (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn) are often successful therapy for erectile dysfunction in men, with a minimum of side effects.

    More opportunities we offer in our South Beach sexual health clinic

    We care about your hormonal balance and underlying causes of your any disorder, so our treatment plans are based on your individual needs.

    ED Medication

    All pills we offer work by relaxing your muscles and boosting blood flow to your penis, making erections easier to get and maintain.

    Trimix Injections

    Trimix is an injectable medication prepared of three different medications: papaverine, prostaglandin, and phentolamine.

    Peptide Therapy

    Peptides are highly specific (i.e., only do what you want them to do) while also being well-tolerated and safe.

    Sermorelin Therapy

    Sermorelin acetate has become an alternative that can provide the benefits of HGH Therapy without the hazards or risks.

    Growth Hormone Therapy

    HGH therapy is a treatment to increase the levels of human growth hormone (HGH) if its levels are reduced.

    PRP for Sexual Health

    PRP treatment is a regenerative therapy that uses growth factors in your blood to stimulate the healing process.

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